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fbtunnel is an implementation of the FireBrick® tunneling/VPN protocol for Unix (mainly Linux and MacOS-X as thats what I have available to test). So far, its the result of an afternoon spent hacking code so may be a little rough and ready. So let me state the obvious. This is alpha software. I've used it with my FireBrick® but if it crashes yours, destroys your network connectivity, steals your first born, it's not my problem, capiche?

The FireBrick® is a superb little firewall that offers a host of nice features. Its flexibility is its main feature - and the only thing I've not been able to do with it yet is adjust the TTL of a session - hardly a big problem! Check out the website for lots of documentation about what it can do - especially the speed lanes. If you are at all interested in the FireBrick® then head on over to alt.firebrick on Usenet  (or ask on the fbtunnel-discussion list if Usenet is a problem).

fbtunnel is in no way officially related to the FireBrick® however Adrian and the crew documented their tunnel implementation in the technical reference manual and without that, or their help answering my questions - this wouldn't have happened. How many other suppliers do you know that voluntarily document their protocols? I applaud them for it.

fbtunnel is available to download in both source and binary form from the Speed link above. Configuration details are available on the Setup, Route and Tunnel links above.

FireBrick® is a registered trademark of Andrews & Arnold and Watchfront Electronics

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