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Setup Setup Setup Route Filter Tunnel FireBrick

This is an example tunnel setup that I use on my FireBrick®

Edit tunnel 2.
Security Name
IP Secret
Reference (tunnel number at other end)
MTU Options Don't segment Send Keep-Alives Expect Keep-Alives

Points of note: the Reference at the fbtunnel end is always 1 (for now). In this case, the parameter we need for fbtunnel is the FireBrick®'s Reference - which is 2 in this case. We'll also need to know the secret that was set. Turn on Send Keep-Alives and Expect Keep-Alives or the tunnel at the unix end will not come up (look in ifconfig for that).

The IP address for the tunnel is left blank - this means that any host can bring up the tunnel as long as the tunnel id and secrets match. It is important to safeguard these for your security.

You probably also want to route an IP down this particular tunnel. This is done in the Route section

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