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Setup Setup Setup Route Filter Tunnel FireBrick

fbtunnel is available on sourceforge.  Sourceforge will be where the bug tracking, mailing lists, CVS repository and file downloads will be hosted. Easy, convenient and cheap ;) See the download link above (speed limit sign).


The first release of fbtunnel, called 0.1 for pretty obvious reasons is released. It works well enough to get the tunnel up and pass packets. Please try it and report any problems (see Support, and Bugs below).

The source should build pretty easily on linux or MacOS-X. I'm actively seeking a *BSD box I can have root on for a few hours to see if it works. I can test compiles on the sourceforge compile farm but testing requires a machine with a tun interface and root.


To get support for fbtunnel, you need to e-mail the fbtunnel-discuss list (and you can subscribe if you want to). If you're interested in the project, you may want to subscribe to the fbtunnel-announce list to get announcements and details on security fixes. The announce list is very low volume.


I maintain an up-to-date bug list on there - so its worth checking that if you have any problems. Feel free to add feature requests too (via this webpage ).

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